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Had tea with family, then sat down to bead when I got home. Managed to remind myself how much faster than off-loom square stitch working on a loom can be - a 2/3 around my neck strip of beaded fabric worked up, in essentially 2 afternoons, with the only slow down at the adding and tying in of thread, and the weaving in of the warps. If I use my beading looms more often, I think I'll try the methods of laying in warps which don't result in having to weave in many many strands of warp threads after I'm done with the weaving.

Result: a totally used up 10g tube of cream coloured short Toho bugles, used up for the main strip of my new choker necklace. 14 picasso finish 2 - hole bar beads, and 40 8/0 cream coloured Toho seed beads, and one vine pattern anti-tarnish brass toggle-loop clasp, used to lengthen necklace strap and clasp it. Cream coloured 15/0 Toho seed beads, 4mm fire polished czech crystal, czech pressed glass bellflowers, both in a partly translucent pale gold-mauve colour, used as accents along with some 2-hole light mauve and black Toho superduos I've been meaning to find some good ideas for.

I think I'll wear it a while and let the necklace design percolate in my head a little before embellishing further. It's been quite a while since I've tried to add netting embellishments...
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