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Interesting thing I noticed in Sovngarde while taking my latest playthrough... Felldir the Old wears clothes, which, like those of Jurgen Windcaller and the Greybeards, seems to closely mimic a dragon's scales.... This is making me speculate that maybe he was the first one Paarthurnax taught the dragon language... or maybe the dragon-like robe thing is just a tradition that started with him - those who pursue the study of the Voice are associated with it.
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Oh yes, the situation could be much worse. But is it so much to ask, that it be better? The artist's frustrations are common all over. And while many people are suffering all over the world, neither are they suffering in silence. Governments don't just rule by force, they rule also by social fiat. And letting your people's lives get miserable sets said organisations up for history repeating itself in a number of ways...
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Galloping along the hotspring interior of Eastmarch at night, failed to sneak up on Bonestrewn Crest in time to get the word of power - had to put down the dragon, who's enemy calculation made it go round attacking a couple of nearby vampires while I practiced archery using it as a moving target - finally met the giant that just stands there staring at a dead mammoth in the hot springs. And beating off nearby scavengers in the process.
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roleplaying a high elf/altmer that really doesn't agree with the things the Thalmor are doing. Mainline quest, infiltrating the embassy.... and I went and dressed up in the robes I looted off a thalmor wizard. Amusingly enough, the other thalmor guards now justifiably think I'm one of them. And react accordingly. Since I've the look of another Altmer, and am all dressed in the right uniform to match as well. This may be the only playthrough where all I need to do to get the information was to pass a persuade check...


Dec. 1st, 2011 10:28 am
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Okay. So for once, I start Nanowrimo and I FINISH 50 THOUSAND WORDS. Now I feel accomplished! And also like novelising my entire Echo Bazaar RP, which is at 50,000 plus words and growing...
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Tried one set of ideas. Didn't work out, kept feeling blocked. Switched around at the end of the first week to .. a chronicle, best as I recall, of my RP in Echo Bazaar.from the very first bits - aided by the EB wiki for recall purposes - to my current progress point. 4000+ words and counting, and still no block yet. In about 2-3 days too. Much better than it was before.
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Okay. Just finished watching Inception after I bought it. Fandom's right. The ending is... THE TOP. STILL SPINNING. WOBBLING, but they never show the topple. EEEEEE.

Also, Eames and Arthur and Ariadne and Yusuf.. okay and everyone is scary competent. Cobb's issues are just kinda getting in the way of his competence.

Arthur's scary competent.. 'how to do a kick in zero-g? simple, blow up elevator with everyone in it....' And Eames holding off all those militiarised projections....



Jul. 11th, 2011 06:44 pm
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Finished another replay of Mass Effect 2 as an Infiltrator. Contemplating replaying Mass Effect as an Infiltrator, after all the fun running around playing sniper and dropping the boss enemies like flies with a sniper rifle. And of course, after I finish I feel like digging up all those good Mass Effect fics I've been reading. Still haven't figured out how to initiate the romance thing though. Somehow, I never feel like keeping the effing Reaper station intact. I just want to blow it sky high.

Which is how I felt after finishing Dragon Age and its' extension and after Dragon Age 2... repeatedly. Though at least it was easier, of sorts, to be a completionist on DA. Sort of.
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What I saw on the Brass Trireme that sails the River that flows towards a dark shore.

One fellow who seems to date to the Fourth City, who remembers fountains and a silver tree.

One fellow who dates from the campaign the Regretful Soldier was involved in.

One bandaged wrapped person who was a member of the black ribbon society - and who appears to be leading the chained rowers - something about this person makes me think of Feducci...

One option on the ship - instigate mutiny - increases the invovled with regretful soldier quality to 10. Not sure what that means...
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Worth the 20 Fate I coughed up to visit. Also, very fascinating and appears to be recursive. Which is wonderful. It's earning back my whispered secrets nicely, aside from all the delicious bits about the Rubbery Men....The Rubbery Hound is creepily cute... and now, at least, I know what the Solitary Glim Sculptor is...And those funny echo references to the Fluke are beginning to make more sense. Bizarre sense, but sense. And the things you see deeper underground! The Rubbery Men, or whatever they are, seem to have been around a long, long time... or at least, the amber has.


Jul. 7th, 2011 05:16 pm
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Good new for me: the modder doing Dig Deeper updated his mod for the latest DF version.

Not so good news: I'd have to spend a fair amount of time checking to merge Dig Deeper with the Flora Fauna mod the way I want, because I'm actually missing the sheer variety of flora and fauna that mod put in in terms of plants and animals above and underground.


Jun. 28th, 2011 09:53 pm
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An ambush was flushed by a water buffalo cow. Said water buffalo cow is not yet dead, and is in the process of trampling one of the ambushers into goblin paste. If it survives, it's getting a nick and never getting slaughtered for the fortress food supply.
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some time back, bought this movie called red cliff, and promptly watched it while laughing about how amusing it was, albeit as a modern interpretation of that so famous battle in the 3 kingdoms period in China... while being terribly amused at the nods to the whole Zhou Yu and ZhugeLiang being terribly clever at each other - and at their enemies. It finished on an irritating cliffhanger. So I finally found the 2nd half, and bought it, and watched it... and am currently totally amused at the attempt - reasonable attempt - to put some agency into the hands of the women also around at the time. Even if it does also make CaoCao look like a womanising idiot with more ambition than tactical sense.
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Gave in and altered the save file for more money to buy a military class ship which is fast and agile enough to dodge hostile fire. Most of the time. Only downside being a small size...But how zippy a Doestovsky class ship is! As compared to the venerable starting Llama, which is not bad for a cargo ship, but not really anything you want to take into a hostile area.


Jun. 7th, 2011 05:12 pm
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argh. have now remembered the painful thing about the character class quest. One has to be lvl 14, and past lvl 12 or so levelling up becomes.. difficult.
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I have understood something about the Vegastrike faction standing calculation in the stable 0.5 version. If a ship gets blown up by something aimed at me, it is mysteriously accounted as if I attacked it. Also if said ship does a suicidal run and misses and crashes and burns, it seems to be counted as my fault as well. Heh.
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So, I'mma playing Vega Strike. And today, I learned how to run like mad from 3 different allied factions all suddenly mad at my PC for some unknown slight. Or rather, unknown kills of 4 merchant ships - somehow. Given that I don't target anything but a Luddite...

Spent at least 30 minutes at my comp, trying to run to a friendly system while the offended faction seems to get offended that I'm not dying yet, and sends heavier ships after me. Including capships and heavy ships, and their fighter contents. So, a jump into a system goes like this: Jump in. Search for hostile ships. Get target lock. Hit insystem special drive and bolt for a random jump point while dodging hostile fire. If autopilot takes too long to achieve this under fire, switch navcomp target to another jump point in mid flight, disengage auto pilot, turn it on again, and repeat until hostile ships lose target lock. Do this until perfectly lined up with jump point in straight line. Hit the accel and bolt for jump point. Repeat until reach reasonably peaceful system.

Just as soon as I find some Luddites, they're getting shot to hike as many faction ratings up as possible. And once I sort out which factions I don't mind annoying, some of those irritating attackers are getting some return fire instead.
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Just spent the past half hour or so dodging attempts on my humble merchie ship, which has somehow offended the merchant faction and the factions closely aligned to them. How, I don't know, I don't shoot at anyone other than luddites who all factions despise... Possibly, there might be collisions I didn't notice in flight. Or merchies disguised as pirates who consequently got shot by me. Eh. It adds excitement, the dodging and running. And somehow making profitable runs along with it.
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Job interviews, job offer letters....

Vega Strike as an itinerant trader out to make a good nest egg and to get in good with almost every faction... By way of blasting the one faction just about everyone hates.... In a dinky little starting cargo hauler whose only teeth is 4 mounted lasers and a batch of powerful but non-guided torps. A dinky cargo hauler which is regrettably slow and sluggish to respond in combat. When I have enough cash, I'm splashing it on a nice milspec fighter for those useful bounties. And pirates...
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