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Had tea with family, then sat down to bead when I got home. Managed to remind myself how much faster than off-loom square stitch working on a loom can be - a 2/3 around my neck strip of beaded fabric worked up, in essentially 2 afternoons, with the only slow down at the adding and tying in of thread, and the weaving in of the warps. If I use my beading looms more often, I think I'll try the methods of laying in warps which don't result in having to weave in many many strands of warp threads after I'm done with the weaving.

Result: a totally used up 10g tube of cream coloured short Toho bugles, used up for the main strip of my new choker necklace. 14 picasso finish 2 - hole bar beads, and 40 8/0 cream coloured Toho seed beads, and one vine pattern anti-tarnish brass toggle-loop clasp, used to lengthen necklace strap and clasp it. Cream coloured 15/0 Toho seed beads, 4mm fire polished czech crystal, czech pressed glass bellflowers, both in a partly translucent pale gold-mauve colour, used as accents along with some 2-hole light mauve and black Toho superduos I've been meaning to find some good ideas for.

I think I'll wear it a while and let the necklace design percolate in my head a little before embellishing further. It's been quite a while since I've tried to add netting embellishments...
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Had a stressful day at the day job. Staring at bead stash when I got home, randomly thinking of what to do. Flipped through some of my beading reference material.... saw some interesting ideas on how to use Miyuki Tilas, but I just got those and I'd like to make some headway on turning my stash into pretty and potentially useful objects of art. So, no, not using Tilas.... and then I see this project that uses St Petersburd stitch, where the thread path is printed out in a cross-section diagram.. and it's like a bell goes ding in my head. Of course. St Petersburg stitch even has that obligatory turn around that would go very nicely for threading on daggers.

Out comes the bead mat, the seed beads, the needles, the size D nymo in neutral colours, the scissors... the several packets of daggers waiting for a good idea. Off to bead something interesting!
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Gifted a necklace crafted entirely on whimsy to use up a shell feather-shaped focal I got a while back to a colleague. Who wasn't expecting to get it, but hey, pleased to see it anyway. It's enough to make me wonder if I could get started on ArtFire. Just enough to at least cover the monthly costs of being on Artfire, with whatever extra being counted towards returns on my rather large bead stash. . . and to let others enjoy the pleasure of a unique handcrafted item. I certainly can't wear everything I could craft myself.

Of course, if I take this step, aside from having to bead more often in order to have stock, I'd have to actually try to do things like blog about it more often. Not a hardship, considering my own habits, but definitely something to keep in mind. Definitely a thought to pursue further.

And I'd have to find out what the international shipping costs are, and list prices and shipping policies accordingly... Maybe I really will take that plunge this year. After beading a bit more frenetically anyway.


Dec. 30th, 2013 06:52 pm
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I admit it at last. For many years I've been bitten by the crafter's bug. My stash of beads, thread, needles, and findings used to fit into one small sewing bag. Now it overflows a large, sturdy cloth bag, and every few months the stash just gets bigger. On the other hand, nowadays I bead more often and at a higher level of quality than when I started. Good points and bad points both, I suppose.

If I ever make enough of pretty things when my fingers start to itch to create beauty, maybe I'll even take the plunge to actually making the effort to sell them. I certainly have the stash for it...
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Spend the productive after lunch hours you were going to use on work.... looking at the options for setting up an online store to sell your own handcrafts... as inspired by many comments by people, who you've made jewelry for recently, that maybe you should set up a store to sell some...


May. 7th, 2011 10:11 pm
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I haven't forgotten about the requests to view photos of what I've beaded before. However there's a few commitments in my offline life that I need to clear first, before I discreetly borrow a camera and post the pics. Just to let people know that I didn't completely forget about this...


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