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What I saw on the Brass Trireme that sails the River that flows towards a dark shore.

One fellow who seems to date to the Fourth City, who remembers fountains and a silver tree.

One fellow who dates from the campaign the Regretful Soldier was involved in.

One bandaged wrapped person who was a member of the black ribbon society - and who appears to be leading the chained rowers - something about this person makes me think of Feducci...

One option on the ship - instigate mutiny - increases the invovled with regretful soldier quality to 10. Not sure what that means...
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Worth the 20 Fate I coughed up to visit. Also, very fascinating and appears to be recursive. Which is wonderful. It's earning back my whispered secrets nicely, aside from all the delicious bits about the Rubbery Men....The Rubbery Hound is creepily cute... and now, at least, I know what the Solitary Glim Sculptor is...And those funny echo references to the Fluke are beginning to make more sense. Bizarre sense, but sense. And the things you see deeper underground! The Rubbery Men, or whatever they are, seem to have been around a long, long time... or at least, the amber has.
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Farming my dangerous stat. By way of hunting dangerous beasts for Mr Inch. So far... let's see. White wolves, killed and live capture. Rat brigands, kill only. Fungus column, kill only. Led a safari through the marshes. Don't think I've managed to get any of the rest, just yet.. I think I'll have Dangerous up to 100 before I'm done hunting.. There's capture options for fungus column, rats, kill n capture for a goat demon in the Flit..hunting a spider council, kidnapping a magician - who sounds like a member of the Glass...hunting of snuffers in veilgarden..

And of course, once that's done it's back to the University to try to have a Department of the Correspondence..
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Working on collecting paintings. Deliberately let suspicion climb so I'd see the inside of New Newgate again, maybe pick up a few autofire cards or opportunities. Would be nice if the Echo Bazaar server weren't quite so laggy....
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I only use my twitter for Echo Bazaar. Only and ever for Echo Bazaar. And now my twitter gets follow notices from twitters of people NOT playing Echo Bazaar. How.. interesting. If irritating in the way it clogs the tweets when I'm tweeting to other EB players.
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echo bazaar. oh echo bazaar, you are so much much fun. 3 days in and already it feels like it will never be enough.

also, it's terribly amusing when doing a storylet for, say, a watchful quality gives you the chance to up your shadowy quality, muahaha. I have GOT to get up to the Flit soon...


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