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So I had some spare money and some spare time, and access to my sib's Steam account. And I saw Square Enix's the Last Remnant. On offer, I believe. And so I bought it, along with a copy of Europa Universalis III.... And now I've been spending most of my free moments frantically playing it. And frantically looking for fic for it, of which there is woefully little....

I've gone through all the stuff posted on AO3 that I can bear to read, and even trawled through FF.Net. I've read all of ciceqi's Last Remnant fic, and all the crossovers and what not featuring that verse....I am so, so, so hopped up on the Last Remnant right now.

And really, it's very fun. The storyline is nicely gripping, the world beautifully laid out - and ready for exploratory fiction! So very much of it! And there's the best mates forever/love of my life vibes that Rush and David give off in, oh, every cutscene they're in together. And there's the interesting comments the characters make when one fellow falls in combat... But the whole storyworld, it's beautiful. Rich and beautiful indeed. And so much room for things to develop...I want to read oh so much fic about it. What was Athlum like, under David's father? Or under the founders of the Nassau line? Before the Valeria Heart? What about Celapaleis, what purpose does the Umbermarici have there? What's the cost of it to the line of the dukes of Celapaleis? Where are the other sovani - or the female sovani? There is so much room for fic, I'm amazed that there's so little written for it. Maybe because despite all the things that happen, the characters seem to be mostly fairly sane, stable, able to cope with their problems. As opposed to other Square protagonists which don't cope very well with the problems they get thrown at them...


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