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Collected my collector's edition of ME3. Sib did a run through while I sat behind him commenting. Have to say this, what little I saw of the ending is, well.... To quote TvTropes, Rocks Fall, Everybody Dies style Downer ending. With half-plausible excuses. Like, oh, the whole Reaper cycle thing is orchaestrated by the Citadel, which is built by the Reapers, and exists for some 'reason' involving interactions between synthetics and organics... And whichever way you pick everyone gets screwed over one more time... I have to wonder, though. How is it that something supposedly anti-Reaper can also take out the geth, who are not,well, Reaper-based.. Anyway. The ending was not terribly well thought out in some ways. Definitely inspires conspiracy theory in every direction.

Frankly speaking, I much prefer Myetel's take on a post-ME2 world. It's saner and more enjoyable.


Jul. 11th, 2011 06:44 pm
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Finished another replay of Mass Effect 2 as an Infiltrator. Contemplating replaying Mass Effect as an Infiltrator, after all the fun running around playing sniper and dropping the boss enemies like flies with a sniper rifle. And of course, after I finish I feel like digging up all those good Mass Effect fics I've been reading. Still haven't figured out how to initiate the romance thing though. Somehow, I never feel like keeping the effing Reaper station intact. I just want to blow it sky high.

Which is how I felt after finishing Dragon Age and its' extension and after Dragon Age 2... repeatedly. Though at least it was easier, of sorts, to be a completionist on DA. Sort of.


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