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Interesting thing I noticed in Sovngarde while taking my latest playthrough... Felldir the Old wears clothes, which, like those of Jurgen Windcaller and the Greybeards, seems to closely mimic a dragon's scales.... This is making me speculate that maybe he was the first one Paarthurnax taught the dragon language... or maybe the dragon-like robe thing is just a tradition that started with him - those who pursue the study of the Voice are associated with it.
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Galloping along the hotspring interior of Eastmarch at night, failed to sneak up on Bonestrewn Crest in time to get the word of power - had to put down the dragon, who's enemy calculation made it go round attacking a couple of nearby vampires while I practiced archery using it as a moving target - finally met the giant that just stands there staring at a dead mammoth in the hot springs. And beating off nearby scavengers in the process.
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roleplaying a high elf/altmer that really doesn't agree with the things the Thalmor are doing. Mainline quest, infiltrating the embassy.... and I went and dressed up in the robes I looted off a thalmor wizard. Amusingly enough, the other thalmor guards now justifiably think I'm one of them. And react accordingly. Since I've the look of another Altmer, and am all dressed in the right uniform to match as well. This may be the only playthrough where all I need to do to get the information was to pass a persuade check...


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