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I'm aware that the reason for the below situation is probably budget related.

There's a number of endings availabe for Origins. In DA 2, there's some background available from the events of Origins, given that the character starts their journey fleeing from the Blight. There's the pick of a Cousland warden who did the dark ritual thing with Morrigan and set Alistair up as king.. Dalish warden who sacrificed him/herself to kill off the archdemon with Alistair/Anora co-rule, a ruthless dwarf warden who executes Alistair and keeps Anora as queen... I'm just wondering why there's no option for the Mage Warden. It's almost enough to make me contemplate the 2-3 days it'll take to put Origins and Awakening back in, and do a playthrough just the way I want it. I have this thing for mage wardens..

I've just got this niggly thought that maybe, if it's a mage that stops the 5th blight, the mage/templar war doesn't quite start so soon... It's not entirely Ander's possessed fault for sparking it off, after all. The tinder of many, many tensions and troubles had to be there first before any act, however violent, could spark off the kind of war that's being foreshadowed.
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everytime i see the mage char casting, or just doing normal atks... in the glow of the barrier and death syphon effects, plus the look of the new staffs... it looks just like a Chinese style fight with long spears and pole arms.
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Just started a DA2 playthrough today. Oh Anders... Just.. ouch. Lots. Not, precisely well, at the end of DA: awakening, but not lonely and haunted either... And no cat with him, which is kinda painful, somehow. Just painful to see.


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